Papuan Fishermen Support Sustainability of Papua Special Autonomy

The fishermen who are members of the Papua Province Fishermen Group Association expressed their support for the government to continue the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) in Papua Land.

This is because so far the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law has been felt and touched the lower level community through various programs implemented by the government.

The chairman of the Papua Province Fishermen Group Association, Salmon Patai, said the Special Autonomy Law did not fail. Only the implementation is not optimal. "Actually, we have already felt Otsus. For that, we support and encourage this law to be continued, "he explained.

Some time ago the local government launched a special autonomy fund assistance program for Papuan fishermen, which directly touched local fishermen. However, as time went on, the program's sustainability came to a halt, so that local fishermen no longer felt assistance through the special autonomy funds.

"So in the future, perhaps such assistance programs should be reactivated. So that in the end the fishermen association can be built an office, one example," said Salmon.

it is necessary to hold routine training once a year for fishermen in the latest technology in aquaculture or capture fisheries.

With the renewal of knowledge, it is hoped that the fishermen will be assisted in developing or selling their catch of fish outside Papua or even abroad.

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