Papuan chess players strengthen Indonesian team to face Asian championships

One of the mainstay chess players in Papua with an international master title, Yosef Theofilus Taher, who is prepared to face the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021, will strengthen the Indonesian national chess team in the online team chess championships between Asian countries, "Asian Online Nations Chess Cup 2020 ″ which will take place on 10 - 25 October 2020.

Taher's summons to the Indonesian chess national team was officially sent by the Central Board (PB) of the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi).

In the official summons, the Papua Province Percasi Pengprov was asked to prepare the athletes on behalf of Yosep Theolifius Taher and was asked to be present at the Utut Adianto Chess School, Jalan Siliwangi Rawa Panjang Bekasi, West Java.

Ariadi is optimistic that the Papuan chess athlete, Yosef T Taher, will be able to provide the best for the nation and country in the Asian Championship.

He also said that the championship that Yosef Taher would participate in was one of a series of try out events before facing PON in Papua next year.

He continued, that Yosef T Taher, who already has the title of Grand Master, is one of Papua's mainstays in Chess Sports at the upcoming PON.

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