Papua Special Autonomy Provides Evidence

Special Autonomy (Otsus) is no longer a new thing for all of us, especially for the people of Papua. However, there are some Papuans who refuse and some who support Otsus to continue. One of the supporters is Sony Meraudje, a community leader in Enggros Village.

Sony is very supportive of the continuation of Otsus because it is considered very helpful in the development process in Papua and in West Papua. with the presence of Otsus, many people are increasingly prosperous.

According to him, as the Papuan people there is no need to talk much about Otsus, but look at its implementation, the benefits that have been felt during its nearly 20 years of existence for the benefit and welfare of the Papuan people.

Those who reject Otsus deliberately close their eyes, because they only want to fulfill their personal desires. Sometimes those who refuse are the ones who use the Special Autonomy fund the most.

Sony invites those with different understandings to unite their thoughts to develop Papua through the sustainability of Otsus volume II for the progress and welfare of the Papuan people in the future.

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