New Development Framework for Papua

The government of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin claims to prioritize development from the periphery. Papua, West Papua and eastern Indonesia are Jokowi's main concerns in this second term.

"The periphery is a priority. Papua, West Papua and Eastern Indonesia are now the main concern," was quoted as saying in the '2020 Annual Report' released by KSP.

The government has launched a new development framework for Papua, namely the acceleration of human resource development, transformation and quality economic development, enhancement and preservation of the quality of the environment, and bureaucratic reform.

The government also claims to have succeeded in increasing the life expectancy of Papuans from their first birth. From the data presented in the report, throughout 2014 to 2019 the life expectancy of Papuans and West Papuans has increased, but not significantly.

The life expectancy of West Papuans during 2014-2019 has moved up from 65.13 percent to 65.9 percent. The same thing happened in Papua, which increased from 64.84 percent to 65.65 percent over the past five years.

In Jokowi's second term, the welfare approach was claimed to be at the forefront. The issuance of Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua also provides strong ties so that the five new frameworks for Papua are implemented.

"Our approach to Papua is dialogue and prosperity, that's what we do," Jokowi said as quoted in the annual report.

Previously, Jokowi appointed Vice President Ma'ruf Amin as Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Integrated Coordination Team for the Acceleration of Development for Papua and West Papua.

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