Marine and Fisheries Service Holds OPD Forum to Prepare PON Needs

The Papua Province Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP) held a Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) forum. This activity is one of the efforts of DKP Papua's readiness to prepare fish needs for the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021.

The OPD forum is centered in one of the hotels in Jayapura City, conducted virtually and officially opened by the Service Secretary Carlos Matuan.

To reporters, Carlos said that this year's OPD forum was actually held in Paniai Regency. However, the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 was held virtually.

According to him, the Papua Marine Affairs and Fisheries Office is still focused on its work program, especially preparing fish stocks for XX PON in 2021.

Carlos hopes that in this OPD forum meeting, the fisheries office in the PON holding cluster can confirm the exact number of fish needs, so that within the next year, we can take a policy if the fish stock in the cluster is still lacking.

In addition, he said, the number of PON participants in each cluster was also not the same, therefore we had to calculate again how much fish was needed in each cluster.

He added that the coordination meeting also discussed the support from the closest districts in each cluster to support fish stock needs. For example, the Jayapura City and Regency clusters can be assisted by Sarmi District, Biak can be assisted by Nabire, Serui and Supiori.

He also hopes the regents and mayors to provide support, so that the work program of the fisheries office to support PON in Papua can run smoothly and successfully, "he added.

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