Inviting to create a peaceful Pilkada, the Waropen Police held the Coffee Morning

In order to realize a safe, peaceful, dignified and healthy Waropen Pilkada, the Waropen Police held a Coffee morning event with the success team of candidate pairs and organizers and local government, at the Merpati Urpas Hotel meeting hall.

This activity was carried out as a means of gathering and discussion to establish good communication in order to create Kamtibmas in the context of facing the Pilkada in Waropen district.

In his speech, the Chief of Waropen Police, AKBP Suhadak, through the Deputy Chief of Police, Kompol Marthen Malite, said that during the current campaign stage, of course, there were many things that were faced and experienced by all parties involved, both the Paslon success team and election organizers, so this Coffee morning was held considered important as a forum for sit-down discussions in order to create a safe and wise situation so that the implementation of the Waropen Regency Pilkada would run smoothly without any obstacles.

"Hopefully, through this Coffee morning we can get a lot of input so that it runs well and we, from the security team and the government, can take a step on how to handle things if there are things that become problems," he said.

The Acting Regent of Waropen, represented by Assistant 1 of the Government in his speech, also said that all parties should keep the Waropen regional elections together so that they run well and safely, especially during the current campaign period.

He also asked for the role of all Paslon campaign teams to help urge the public to really implement the Covid-19 health protocol during the campaign.

On that occasion, the Head of KPU Waropen Aleksander Wopari expressed his appreciation to the Police, especially the Waropen Police, for their readiness in the context of creating a peaceful Pilkada in Waropen district.

He hopes that the synergy between the security forces, the government and organizers as well as the community will continue to exist so that the Waropen regional election will run well, "he concluded.

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