In order to finance athletes to train, South Sulawesi rowing coaches are willing to cut their salaries

The Central Sulawesi Rowing Sports Association (PODSI) is optimistic that it can achieve maximum results in the XX Papua PON in 2021. This was conveyed by the Central Sulawesi rowing trainer, Wahyu Aristina in the Workshop on Human Resource Development for Central Sulawesi Sports Trainers who passed the XX 2010 PON at the KONI Central Sulawesi Office.

The optimism of this woman born in Salatiga is based on the positive results of the PODSI Central Sulawesi Rowing team in the last six competitions, both national and international. Even the Quadruple number which was the first to be followed in Pra PON became the bronze target for PODSI in the upcoming PON including the Rowing 8+ class which was first followed in Pra Pon, which has been able to penetrate the top four positions. PODSI Central Sulawesi as a whole will appear in nine numbers.

"In the last six years our athletes have shown pretty good results, even in 2018 was a year of gold until 2019. Our optimism is also based on the results of independent training for four years," said the coach who is usually called Coach Ayu in front of. management of Central Sulawesi KONI.

Apart from PON XX Papua, Central Sulawesi PODSI, said Coach Ayu, is targeting a minimum of five athletes and one of their coaches to pass the national team selection next December.

Even though the taget has been floated, until now PODSI Central Sulawesi does not have its own boat warehouse and the racing equipment is not the best specification.

"We were promised to build an athlete's mess and warehouse. But until now we are still coordinating with PB PODSI. Even racing equipment has not yet been of the best specifications after the earthquake that destroyed most of our equipment. We cannot walk alone so we hope to be assisted by a special boat for the race, which of course KONI's support is very much needed, ”continued coach Ayu, who designed her team's training center in Tentena, Poso Regency.

For the sake of a medal at PON XX Papua later, PODSI Central Sulawesi has to be willing to cut coach salaries in financing its athletes. A noble secret revealed by coach Ayu in the workshop.

"The current condition (Covid-19) is not possible, PPLP and Smanor stopped and everything returned to the provincial government. Coach salaries must also be cut in athlete financing. However, we did not stop to practice. Our hope is to get the best assistance this year so that we can compete in the XX Papua PON, "said coach Ayu ending.

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