Former Chairperson of the GKI Papua Synod: The Church is Involved, Must Continue to Support Otsus

Support for the sustainable implementation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua continues to be voiced by various elements of society in Papua. This is in contrast to the voices of several small groups voicing narratives of rejecting Otsus, including several religious leaders in Papua.

One of the supporters of the continuation of Otsus Papua is the former Chair of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Synod in Papua, Pastor Albert Yoku. He stated, maybe there is a factor of ignorance of those who reject Otsus.

"The factor of ignorance (about the implementation of Otsus) can lead to the birth of the statement in question. Thus, the validity and truth (which underlies the narrative of rejection of Otsus) cannot be accepted and used as the basis for the church rejecting Otsus, "he said.

Pastor Albert is of the view that the church must take an important role in implementing Otsus, as well as in evaluating Otsus. According to him, so far the church has been involved in the implementation of Otsus, when the church also recommended members of the Papuan People's Council (MRP) religious representatives mandated by the Special Autonomy Law and Perdasus 4 of 2008 who were given the authority to protect the rights of indigenous Papuans.

As a church leader, Pastor Albert saw that the church should think “solutionoriented”. "The church must also see Otsus as a special blessing from God for native Papuans, if it is managed and utilized according to the purpose of Otsus," he said.

"So as a former head of the Synod, I admit how positive Otsus is. I always have the principle that the implementation of Otsus which is well done, focused and well-directed will be able to reduce various forms of political turmoil and conflict in the land of Papua, "he concluded.

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