Don't Spread the Hoax of Regional Head Elections

The Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Yahukimo Regency, Papua, emphasized that no candidates and winning teams for the Regent and Deputy Regent of Yahukimo should create hoax (false information) and SARA (ethnic, religious, racial and intergroup) issues in the political battle for regional head elections. .

As election supervisor in Yahukimo, Bawaslu will always be at the forefront to monitor and supervise every stage of the Pilkada.

Mirin also stated that his party was always ready to receive reports from the public regarding suspected election violations.

“We are always here. If there is a report, do not take it to Jayapura or the province. We are here ready to receive complaints or whatever the public wants to convey, "said the Head of Bawaslu Yahukimo who received the Bawaslu Model Award for all districts in Indonesia in 2019.

Mirin also emphatically said that there should not be a successful team, either from Paslon Didimus Yahuli - Esau Miram and Paslon Abock Busup - Yulianus Heluka who smirked, dropped, let alone black campaigns especially on social media. According to him this could have a bad impact and could lead to horizontal conflicts.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Yahukimo Police, AKBP Deni Herdiansia said that safeguarding the security of security and order ahead of the Yahukimo Regional Head Election (Pilkada) is a top priority.

"In general, the task of the police is to create a conducive situation. Safe, in control, in order for all of us. Moreover, we in Yahukimo will hold Pilkada, both of which are native sons of the Yahukimo region. My hope is for supporters to appreciate their political rights wisely, wisely and with dignity, "said the Head of Police, Yahukimo.

Deni also reminded that there should be no hate speech during the Pilkada, because this could lead to a prolonged conflict.

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