DIY KONI Prepares the PON Papua 2021 Puslatda Program

KONI DIY (Yogyakarta Special Region) believes the regional training center (Puslatda) program for PON Papua 2021 can return to normal running in October 2020.

However, that optimism must still be accompanied by paying attention to the conditions of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19), whether it is over or not.

Even so, a number of programs have been prepared by KONI DIY for athletes to face general and special preparations ahead of PON Papua which will be held in 2021.

Programs that have been compiled range from physical tests, health to psychology.

"October will likely begin a physical test. After that, the team from science and technology (science and technology) will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the various components,"

"Then, we will enter (activation) coaching (all components of the training) in November," said the Head of the Presidential Advisory Board, KONI DIY, Ria Lumintuarso.

This was expressed by Ria Lumintuarso at the webinar of the Coordination Meeting of PON Papua PON Trainers which was recently held.

According to him, the steps taken by KONI DIY cannot be separated from the preparation of various regions in Indonesia, which are also planning to start a training program again in November 2020.

Ria Lumintuarso heard that other areas would start a quarantine process in one place, in preparation for training.

DIY doesn't want to be left behind. It is hoped that the above programs can be implemented with closed procedures and of course by looking at the capacity of the regional budget.

However, from July to October 2020, coaches were asked to look at and get around the training programs that could be taken for Puslatda PON XX athletes first.

One of them is by looking at the conditions of the training site, including the safe zone or not. While the process is taking place, independent training is held at each athlete's house.

It is undeniable that the training pattern can later change and adjust to the prevailing new normal conditions.

"We will try to hold a general physical test first. Thank God if there is a sport that is ready to do that and please schedule it immediately," said Ria.

According to him, this is important because athletes will actually enter the pre-competition stage in October, even though PON Papua is postponed in 2021.

"With this physical test, we will find out what physical condition, strength, VO2max, and others are," Ria Lumintuarso concluded.

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