Civil servants in Papua are prohibited from being the success team for the Pilkada candidate pair

The ASN of the Papua Provincial Government is again reminded not to be involved in the upcoming 2020 Regional Head Election (Pilkada).

This was emphasized by the Head of the Papua Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) Nicolaus Wenda. Nicolaus Wenda reminded all State Civil Servants (ASN) to be neutral in the simultaneous regional elections in 11 regencies and cities, on the land of Cenderawasih.

Because the threat of dismissal to the parties who are proven to be directly involved, is a real thing and awaits immediately in sight.

"Until now, there has been no report to us that any ASN has become a successful team or is directly involved. However, if something is proven, we will immediately give sanctions. The sanction is in the form of dismissal according to the law, "he explained.

He asked the public to immediately report to him if he found a civil servant who was involved in campaigning for a candidate for regional head. Of course, you must attach accurate evidence so it doesn't become slander.

"For example, we bring photo evidence, of course we will immediately explore it. If it is true we take action. The point is, don't come to report later with only the words of information, because you don't want it to become slander, "he pleaded.

On that occasion, Nicolaus reminded all ASN in Papua to be wise in using social media.

Because now, giving likes or liking uploads related to certain candidate pair (paslon) campaign activities can be categorized as a violation of Pilkada neutrality. This is considered to have supported one candidate pair.

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