Beware of Corona, the Inauguration of the Papua PON Venue will be Held Virtual

The inauguration event of the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) venue on October 20 is proposed to be held virtually considering the corona virus pandemic situation has not yet subsided.

In the coordination meeting of the inauguration committee with Forkopimda Papua, a number of parties proposed the ceremonial inauguration of the XX PON venue, including the Lukas Enembe Stadium, to be held virtually.

The chairman of the committee for the inauguration of the PON venue who is also the Daily Chairperson of PB PON, Yunus Wonda said that following the proposal, his party would prepare an alternative plan so that the ceremonial inauguration would continue smoothly.

"In today's meeting the conclusion of suggestions and input from Forkopimda Papua will be done virtually, so that our committee will prepare another plan B."

Meanwhile, the Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Paulus Waterpauw revealed that his party still fully supports the success of the inauguration event, but his party also refers to the Chief of Police's edict regarding crowd permits in the midst of the corona virus pandemic situation.

"We have discussed earlier and it has been concluded that this condition is rather difficult. We support our activities, but gathering a number of times is a problem because it is the concern of all parties," said the Kapolda.

"There are two alternatives, but we have not decided yet. Earlier there were many considerations that in this condition we need to see and consider the situation and conditions."

"There needs to be a discussion again to anticipate this. The Chief of Police's edict has also emphasized that it does not allow crowds, our advice is that virtual is the best choice," he added.

Previously, the inauguration committee, the Papua Provincial Government, PB PON and KONI Papua, had prepared a series of events that would mark the ceremonial inauguration of eight PON XX venues plus the Lukas Enembe Stadium.

In fact, the corona virus rapid test posts have been opened in a number of points scattered in Jayapura Regency and City to check the health of potential visitors who will attend the inauguration event.

The reason is, the event will present an exhibition match between the Papua football team against the East Java team as well as the Persipura Putri team versus Galanita Papua.

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