Athlete Development in Papua Cannot Run To Its Maximum

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) in Papua Province asked the management of sports to play an active role in the process of fostering athletes in the regions.

This is because there are still provincial sports management that have ended, but have not yet conducted a new management meeting.

"Sports that have run out of management must conduct deliberations to be more active because it is very important for the development of athletes not only in the province, but in the district / city. That's why there is a Kejurda event, ”said General Secretary of KONI Papua Kenius Kogoya to the press, Tuesday (27/10/2020).

Kenius admitted, athlete development in regencies / cities has not run optimally because there is no consolidation of the provincial sports board. "So sports administrators who are also still in the province have to consolidate because there are many athletes who today may have the ability, but cannot be reached because the guidance in the regency is not working," he said.

"We will not run out of athletes if we develop them well. There may be good athletes in the district, but they cannot be reached because there are no managers, sports must build good organizations, consolidate at the district level, "he explained.

Therefore, to realize accomplished athletes. After the end of the XX PON sports event, KONI Papua will program the Provincial Sports Week (POPROV) agenda to find out the process of fostering athletes from each region, including getting potential athletes to be fostered in future championships.

"We do this so that it is not like yesterday that we have to find athletes through the TC walking. If you have done Kejurda and Poprov, athletes will be ready for us to train. The sports that have not been musda are immediately carried out for in addition to organizational refreshment, as well as future administrative responsibilities, "he concluded.

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