Asmat Pilkada, the Second Paslon Agree to Live a Peace and Healthy Campaign

The Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) of Asmat Regency will hold a declaration of a campaign for peace and health in 2020.

The declaration of the peaceful and healthy campaign was carried out after the drawing of the pair serial number, which took place in the Wiyata Mandala Hall of the Education Office, Agats District.

adir in the declaration Chairman of KPU Asmat Veronikus Asse, Chairman of Bawaslu Markus Pasan, Kapolres AKBP Andi Y. Enoch, Pabung Kodim 1707 Merauke / Asmat Mayor Czi Abdul Komar, Head of FKUB Mgr. Aloysius Murwito, Head of Kesbangpol Ruland Yambise, and related parties.

Also present were the Elisa Kambu-Thomas Eppe Safanpo (KUAT) pair who were the incumbent candidate number 1, and the Yulianus Payzon Aituru-Bonifasius Jakfu (AIJAK) pair with serial number 2.

Prior to the signing of the declaration of peace and health, the Chief of Police AKBP Andi Y. Enoch read out the announcement of the Chief of Police, Idham Aziz, regarding compliance with health protocols in the 2020 election stages.

The Chief of Police emphasized four points in the announcement, one of which was pressing the Corona cluster in the Pilkada.

The contents of the peace and healthy campaign declaration read by the two candidate pairs are as follows:

  1. we and our supporters are ready to carry out a campaign that is peaceful, courteous and cultured and avoids all forms of violence, provocation, will not carry out black campaigns, do not do money politics and politicize SARA.
  2. We and all supporters are ready to carry out a campaign by strictly implementing health protocols in order to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak.
  3. we and all supporters are ready to obey and obey the laws and regulations relating to the implementation and prohibitions during the campaign period.

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