Ariana Ready to Keep the Gold Tradition

Bali's mainstay weightlifter I Ketut Ariana (81 kg class) is determined to increase the force load on PON Papua XX / 2021. Ariana is targeting a minimum of 150 kg for snatch, and 185 kg for clean and jerk. If successful, Ariana is confident that she can win a gold medal in Papua.

Previously, Ariana in Pre PON was ranked four, because of a shoulder muscle injury. He also monitors his opponents, only struggling with 145 kg snatch, and 180 kg clean and jerk. Ariana is determined to surpass these rival forces.

According to the athlete who was born in Melaya, Jembrana, September 6, 1990, currently the recovery process for his injury has only been running for about 85 percent after the operation. Shoulder muscle injury recovery was carried out at his home in Banjar Melaya Tengah Kaja. So Ariana's condition has not recovered 100 percent.

Moreover, the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ariana admits, is not free to recover after injury. It's just that the child of the couple I Ketut Sukita and Ni Wayan Manis also admits that other athletes who passed the PON too. Namely, the preparations have not been maximized, after the PON was postponed in 2021.

For athlete Ariana, there is still a lot of time to return the physique to top performance. Ariana is determined to get a gold medal in PON in Papua, after only winning consecutive silver medals in the previous PON. He feels that in PON Papua there is a strong desire to win a gold medal. This at the same time continues the tradition of weightlifters winning gold medals at PON.

Meanwhile, Ariana's coach, Joko Honggono, emphasized that the strategy for PON Papua is still being discussed together between the lifters, the team of coaches, and the PABSI Bali management. Moreover, Ariana in Pra PON is in the top four. Obviously, it must be improved so that it can be maximized.

Meanwhile, from a separate location, the Chairman of PABSI Bali Wayan Bun Setiady hopes that Ariana's injury will soon recover. Given, until now the coaching team has not dared to provide more training portions. "Ketut 'Banat' Ariana is indeed our target to win a gold medal at PON Papua," said Bun Setiady.

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