Achieve peaceful simultaneous regional elections in Papua

Realizing simultaneous regional head elections in 11 districts of Papua Province which will take place on December 9, 2020 to take place in a democratic, peaceful and conducive manner is the hope of all elements of society, supporting political parties and local stakeholders in the midst of the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic situation.

It is hoped that the succession process for the simultaneous regional elections in 11 districts of Papua Province will be successful and smooth so that through direct regional head elections can produce a definitive figure for the regional head of the regent and deputy regent to continue various development programs in the regions in an effort to improve the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

Theodorus Kossay acknowledged that the KPU had met with the Papua Regional Police Chief to ask for security guarantees for all staff and members of the KPU Yahukimo in carrying out the agenda for the 2020 Pilkada stages so that the regional election agenda program process could resume in accordance with KPU regulatory decisions.

The head of KPU Papua Theodorus said that after the killing of KPU staff Yahukimo Hendry Jovinsky, all staff of KPU Yahukimo experienced severe trauma so that most were reluctant to return to Yahukimo Regency.

"The staff is still traumatized, but in the near future, they will be able to go back to Yahukimo Regency, because the Papua Police have also agreed to provide extra security, both during working hours and outside working hours," said KPU Papua Chairman Theodorus Kossay.

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