Youth Support Special Autonomy in Papua Province and Papua Barata Province

Chairman of the Papua Province Mandala Trikora Youth, Ali Albert Kabiay said that he fully supports Volume II of Special Autonomy in the Land of Papua.

"Special Autonomy Volume I, which has been running from 2001 to the present, must be evaluated on all programs that have been carried out by the Papua Province, Regency and City Governments," said Ali Albert Kabiay.

According to him, all this was done for the interests and welfare of the people in Papua, especially the indigenous Papuan people. As for some groups that are opposed to the State, refuse and make statements that Otsus has failed.

He emphasized that the Special Autonomy Fund has been felt by groups or elites who indirectly encourage and reject Special Autonomy itself. Which will be evaluated and audited.

The same thing was said by Puncak Ilaga Youth Leader, Mison Tabuni. He fully supports Otsus Volume II in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

According to him, with the dynamics leading up to the end of Otsus, I support the extension of Special Autonomy Volume II in the Land of Papua, to improve Human Resources in Papua Province.

For that he appealed to the public not to be influenced by issues that reject the government's program, namely Otsus Volume II. "Let us together support government programs in continuing Special Autonomy Volume II," he said.

Because at this time, he explained, Special Autonomy in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua is still very much needed for development in Papua in the fields of Education, Health, Infrastructure, and the people's economy for indigenous Papuans.

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