West Sumatra Participates in 25 sports in PON Papua 2021

Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) West Sumatra Syaiful said West Sumatra would participate in 25 sports at the XXth Indonesian National Sports Committee (PON) in Papua. PON XX Papua was originally scheduled this year. But then it was postponed because of the corona virus pandemic situation.

Of the 25 sports that West Sumatra will participate in in the PON 2021 event, there are 144 athletes. Athletics, weight lifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, motor racing, basketball, billiards, chess, cricet, rowing, wrestling, hang gliding, karate, kempo, sailing, muaythai, shooting, rock climbing, archery, pencak Silat, Swimming, Sepaktakraw, Gymnastics, Diving, Taekwondo, Tarung Derajat, and Boxing.

Syaiful hopes that the athletes can maximize their time for training so that West Sumatra will get good results in the Cendrawasih Earth next year.

Syaiful added that KONI had also given the athletes a bonus if they succeeded in bringing home a medal from Papua. The goal is none other than a form of motivation to increase athletes' performance in West Sumatra.

Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit, who gave direction to PON athletes at the Sports Hall, Agus Salim, hoped that the athletes would remain disciplined with the Covid protocol during their preparatory training to Papua. Because the pandemic situation in West Sumatra still endangers the safety of residents, including athletes. Nasrul Abit does not want athletes' preparations to be disrupted by the transmission of the corona virus.

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