West Papua Governor: Everyone Must Maintain Pilkada Security

Maintaining the security and public order situation ahead of the implementation of regional elections in several districts in West Papua on December 9, 2020 is the responsibility of all West Papu residents.

"We have to maintain unity and unity in West Papua, maintaining security during the Pilkada is the responsibility of all of us starting from ourselves, family, environment and society," said the Governor of West Papua, Drs Dominggus Mandacan.

"Pilkada candidates must convey their vision and mission or programs properly and correctly and not provoke or convey shortcomings in the vision and mission of other candidates so that there is no trigger for a commotion," Dominggus Mandacan.

ASN must be neutral and do not get involved in the success team. Therefore, Bawaslu must act firmly, "added the Governor.

Chairman of the West Papua KPU, Paskalis Semunya, said that the Regent and Governor will continue to strive for and support neutrality in the Pilkada, including the ASN.

"We KPU organizers need security and protection in every implementation of field records, the KPU will remain consistent in carrying out its duties and comply with all Covid-19 health protocols so that none of our officers are affected by Covid-19 as is currently happening," said the Head of the Papua KPU. West.

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