Vice Regent and BPS Ask the Community to Succeed in Population Census

Mimika BPS from September 1-30 is conducting a population census in Mimika. In response to that, (Deputy Chief) Mimika Johannes Rettob asked the Mimika community to help census officers so that the population census could run smoothly and successfully.

"The public does not have to be suspicious and we ask for their cooperation and accept the officers who come and convey the real data to the officers. Give real data, not a piece, ”said Deputy Head of Rettob accompanied by the Head of BPS Timika, Ir Trisno L. Tamanampo, at the Horison Ultima Hotel.

The Vice Regent also hopes that BPS can collect data on all Mimika people without exception. To support this program, Mimika Regency Government has made copies to the district head to the village head to be able to socialize the population census.

"People do not hesitate to provide information in accordance with what is being questioned because this is in the interest of many things to support Mimika's development, so please accept it well, don't reject it," said the Vice Regent.

The Vice Regent explained, this population census is important not only for the population but also answers the expectations of the community such as PKH, BPMT, clean water, electricity, especially so that people can be data to get free subsudies from PLN.

Including for the interests of the KPU from the number of DPT. For example, according to BPS 2019 data, the population has reached more than 219,000, but this 236,000 DPT is wrong, it should be a large number of the DPT because not all residents vote. The Vice Regent said.

The increase in the number of DPT also affects the number of seats in the council so that currently 35 members of the DPRD can increase.

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