This is Bawaslu's readiness to supervise the 2020 West Papua Pilkada

The Election Supervisory Agency or Bawaslu has stated that it is ready to supervise simultaneous regional head elections in nine regions in West Papua Province 2020. This supervisory agency will oversee every stage of the Pilkada in nine districts in West Papua Province 2020 so that it runs safely and peacefully.

The head of the West Papua Bawaslu, Ibnu Mas'ud Sorong, has instructed all members of the district and city level Bawaslu in the province of West Papua, especially regions that hold Pilkada to improve the quality of supervision of the stages of the pilkada in their respective regions.

Supervision is carried out by Bawaslu members starting from the recruitment stage of the District Election Committee (PPD), overseeing the stages of the Voters List, nomination to the inauguration process for the elected regional head.

In order to strengthen the ranks of supervisors, members of the district Bawaslu who carry out the Pilkada have recruited and appointed members of the District Panwas who will assist in supervision at the district or sub-district level.

The recruited sub-district Panwas members will also recruit kelurahan panwas who will also recruit polling station supervisors or TPS on the day of the voting.

They carry out their duties in their respective work areas and carry out tiered reporting up to the provincial and even central Bawaslu.

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