The Special Autonomy Fund really helps the Papuan people

Reverend Edison Korwa also supports the extension of special autonomy. According to him, the special autonomy fund is very helpful for the Papuan people. Also used to build houses of worship in the area there. So, the government not only builds infrastructure through special autonomy funds, but also supports the religious life of the Papuan people.

However, continued Edison, the management of the special autonomy fund must be tightened. The goal is so that there is no opportunity for corruption by the unscrupulous. Also so that the money is really used for the welfare of the Papuan people. So, it is hoped that there will be transparency in the special autonomy fund volume 2, used for any project and there should not be the slightest deviation.

Local governments are also obliged to be entrusted with implementing the special autonomy program and managing their funds professionally. The central government is also ready to assist them in arranging special autonomy programs, so that they can run smoothly. This collaboration resulted in a project with much better results.

It is also hoped that the programs in volume 2 of Special Autonomy will not only build infrastructure, but also improve the quality of human resources. If there are scholarships for native Papuans, then this program must be continued. It is also hoped that there will be a special program to improve their skills so that they can open their own business.

The socialization of autonomy volume 2 is also mandatory, so that the Papuan people understand that the previous special autonomy program was not only valid for 20 years. In addition, in the socialization it was also explained that the extension of the special autonomy was carried out, so that development in the Papua region was continued and there were no stalled infrastructure projects due to funding problems.

The Papuan people support special autonomy volume 2 because it can help improve their welfare. Already there are various building facilities made with the previous special autonomy funds. In the next otsus, it is hoped that there will be more programs to improve the quality of human resources in Papua.

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