The Minister of Religion launches the "We Love Papua" program

The Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi launched the "We Love Papua" program as part of his efforts to build a bridge of solidarity from Aceh to Cenderawasih Earth.

According to Fachrul, this program also aims to promote education and religion in Papua, both through educational institutions and houses of worship.

The idea to develop Papua must come from an intense deliberation process

In line with Fachrul Razi, Head of the Papua Provincial Ministry of Religion Regional Office (Kakanwil) Pastor Amsal Yowei said the Minister of Religion pays special attention to Papua and West Papua Provinces in order to accelerate development in the field of religion and religious education through the "We Love Papua" program.

In addition to launching the program, Minister of Religion Fachrul Riza also provided assistance for houses of worship worth Rp. 65 billion, including a budget for school repairs and educational scholarships.

In addition, as many as 253 indigenous Papuan children were also released by the Ministry of Religion to continue their education at the tertiary level in six major cities throughout Indonesia.

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