The Head of Tabi and Saireri Customary Regions Agree to Support Papua's Special Autonomy

8 regents and 1 mayor in the customary territories of Seireri and Tabi have agreed that the special autonomy (Otsus) for Papua will continue.

This was stated when the Forum for Regional Heads in the Customary Land of Tabi and Saireri conducted a workshop on evaluating the Special Autonomy of Papua in the Tabi and Seireri Customary areas at the Sunni Garden Lake Sentani Hotel, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

In the agreement, there were 11 points signed by 8 regents and 1 mayor in the customary territories of Seireri and Tabi.

Namely the Regent of Jayapura, the Mayor of Jayapura, the Regent of Keerom, the Regent of Supiori, the Regent of Biak Numfor, the Regent of Sarmi, the Regent of Yapen Islands, and the Regent of Waropen.

The eleven points of the collective agreement are recommendations for the improvement and rearrangement of Special Autonomy Volume II, namely; Structuring and regulating government affairs which fall under the authority of the Regency / City within the framework of Papua's special autonomy.

There must be an institution or ministry that regulates special autonomy at the center, there must be a Special Autonomy Budget Priority List (DPA), there must be a Development Coordination Meeting (RAKORBANG) which is special for regional development planning.

The amount of the special autonomy fund originating from the 2% ceiling of the DAU and the Additional Infrastructure Fund must be increased from the current arrangement in the provisions of article 34 of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua Province.

Reorganizing the distribution mechanism for Infrastructure Supplementary Funds between Provinces and Districts / Cities. Then, there must be a special arrangement for regional head elections.

The election of members of the Provincial DPRD and Regency / City DPRDs must be specifically regulated. Establishment of a New Autonomous Region (Province) in the indigenous territories of Ha-Anim, Lapago, Mepago. The positions of Regional Head and Regional Representative at the Regency / City level are filled by native Papuans.

The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tony Tesar, told the media crew on the occasion that the request to increase the amount of special autonomy funds was to boost development in Papua.

"Earlier it was conveyed by the governor's expert staff that currently the Papua special autonomy fund allocation is 2 percent of the National DAU. This is still very small, so an agreement is proposed at 10 percent. With this nominal value, the acceleration of the development of Papua can be done on par with other regions, and I think that 10 percent is very appropriate, "said Tony.

Even so, his party hopes that the central government can consider the regional proposal. Although it is said that the most important thing about Otsus is its proper use.

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