The census targets densely populated districts

The Central Statistics Agency ensures that the implementation of the 2020 Population Census will continue to completion in Jayapura Regency. A number of obstacles are deemed to be overcome by involving the police and local government.

"Some officers were evicted and almost even stoned (by residents). We have coordinated with the security (police) and the district head to provide an explanation to residents who refuse (data collection by) census officers, "said Head of the Jayapura Regency Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Jeffry de Fretes.

The Population Census lasts for a month, from 1 September. Entering the third week of the census, BPS has recorded most of the population in Development Areas III and IV in Jayapura Regency.

He reiterated that the population census is very important because it determines the direction of development policies in the regions. Therefore, residents are asked to immediately report to the village head or local village head if a census officer has not yet visited them.

Nefinov, a census officer, admitted that they often take off their attributes, including vests when on duty. This action anticipated rejection from residents.

Nefinov assessed that the census socialization was already fairly intense in Jayapura Regency. The notification was widely spread through banners, baleho, stickers and mass media. Socialization was also carried out in coordination with the local district and village governments.

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