Supporting Otsus Papua Volume II

Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua has been proven to improve welfare in Papua, so it is hoped that the existence of Otsus volume II can improve the welfare of the community in general and catch up with underdevelopment in both Papua and West Papua, especially in education, health and infrastructure programs.

The existence of the Papua Special Autonomy can be a middle way to strengthen Papuan integration as well as a bridge to pursue peace and build prosperity in the Land of Papua. With this special autonomy, it certainly shows the commitment of the Indonesian government to the development of Papua.

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan stated that the special autonomy policy and program launched by the central government for Papua was quite successful.

He said, in the field of education, quite a lot of Papuan sons and daughters go to school and study with financial assistance through special autonomy funds, both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, in the health sector, the special autonomy fund is beneficial for improving services both in cities and in remote, remote areas.

Through otsus, the government can also build infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and other facilities and infrastructure, including empowerment programs for indigenous Papuans.

He also invited the community to support the volume 2 of the Special Autonomy program which will be continued in 2022. West Papua of course still needs the special autonomy policy to support the acceleration of development in various sectors.

It should be noted that the special autonomy program for Papua will end in 2021. The local government is currently pushing for regulations on the sustainability of the special autonomy program in 2022 and beyond.

Dominggus also hopes that the central government can provide greater authority to the regions in managing human resources (HR) and natural resources (SDA).

Special autonomy is important for the development of Papua and West Papua, with the existence of otsus volume 2, it is expected that accelerated development will emerge in the easternmost region of Indonesia.

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