Support the Special Autonomy Policy Volume 2, a number of Papuan activists visit the Ministry of Home Affairs

A number of Papuan student activists came to the Ministry of Home Affairs Building in Jakarta. Their arrival, aimed to hold a hearing related to support for the Papua Special Autonomy policy volume two.

To note, the Papua Special Autonomy policy is valid for 20 years after being in effect since 2001 through Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua. Otsus will end in 2021.

Currently, the extension of Otsus is set forth in a law that will be discussed by the government and the DPR. The Special Autonomy Law volume 2 has been included in the national legislation program.

The audience was received directly by the Director General of Politics and Law of the Ministry of Home Affairs, represented by Mr. Budi Arwan (Head of Sub-Directorate for Papua and West Papua) and Miky Gobay from Papua (Staff of the Directorate General of Political and Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs).

Papuan activist Jefri Papare, said that his visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs was aimed at supporting the policy of Special Autonomy volume two. This is because in the Otsus policy there are priority aspects for development in Papua and West Papua, including education, social welfare, health and infrastructure.

Even so, continued Jefri, the implementation of the Otsus policy must be closely monitored. One of them is related to data on Otsus scholarship recipients in order to improve Human Resources (SDM) in Papua.

Meanwhile, one of the student representatives from Bandung, Alfinides Pohowain, said that the Papua Special Autonomy Policy Volume Two must be fully supported by the Papuan community. However, in practice, supervision is necessary.
The reason is, continued Alfinides, there are so many irresponsible people who misuse Papua's Special Autonomy funds. This is proven by the fact that the tuition fees from the Otsus budget are always late in receiving students from Papua.

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