Support for Sustainability of Special Autonomy from Various Figures

Approaching the end of Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) in 2021, support for the continuation of Papuan Special Autonomy continues to be voiced by figures in Papua

This time the support came from the Head of the Kiki Tribe, Kemtuk Gresi District, Jayapura Regency, Yulius Nasatekay.

Met at his home, Saturday (29/08/2020) yesterday, Yulius, his nickname, emphasized that Otsus must continue, because it really helps the Papuan government in development for the welfare of the community.

Moreover, from various sectors, Papua is still lagging behind other regions.

As long as the special autonomy is running, there has been development in Papua, although there are still shortcomings. We still support Otsus to continue for the sake of development in this land of Papua, said Yulius.

This support, said Yulius, is an example of how high the desire of the Papuan people is to progress and be prosperous.

Because with the Papua Special Autonomy, the acceleration of development and improvement of people's welfare can be achieved immediately, "he said.

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