Support for Sustainability of Special Autonomy from Many Parties

A number of Papuans consisting of traditional, religious and community leaders in Papua Province hope that the special autonomy (Otsus) which is being debated by a number of parties needs continuation and evaluation.

Yanto Eluay, one of the Tabi traditional leaders in Jayapura, admitted that residents in the Tabi and Saireri customary territories were carrying out a consolidation to discuss the issue of support for the evaluation and continuation of Papua special autonomy volume II.

Meanwhile, the Yalimo community leader in Jayapura City, Soleman Eselo, admitted that the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy has greatly helped the hill people succeed in various fields.

"Since 1981, my job has been to educate people and many of my students from highland communities have become officials, with the special autonomy funds we have received a lot of assistance, maybe if there is no Otsus, our building is still ugly and damaged, so I ask that Otsus be continued to build. Papua, ”said Soleman who is also the head of the Baliem Yalimo orphanage.

Meanwhile, the religious figure Pastor Merry Lauren Wompere, one of the GKI Solagratia congregations, Arso II, Keerom Regency, admitted that Otsus Papua provided better development in Papua, when compared to before the existence of Otsus.

"I am Reverend Merry Lauren Wompere representing the GKI Solagratia Jaifuri congregation. I really hope that Otsus Papua will continue for the sake of development and progress in Papua, those who reject the Papuan Otsus do not represent the voice of the Papuan people at all, they are enemies of the Papuan people," said Pastor Merry.

In the same vein, Tiombro Wenda, deputy head of the central highlands tribe in Keerom Regency, also admitted that he represented his citizens and hoped that there would be a continuation of the Papua Special Autonomy policy volume II.

"I am Tiombri Wenda, representing the people of the Central Highlands in Keerom Regency. I hope that Otsus Papua will continue, for the sake of development and progress in Papua. Yes, those who reject the Papua Special Autonomy do not represent the voice of the Papuan people at all, "said Tiombri.

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