Support for Special Autonomy Volume II in All Sectors

Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua has been proven to improve welfare in Papua, so it is hoped that the existence of Otsus volume II can prosper the people in general and catch up with the underdeveloped development in both Papua and West Papua regions, especially in education, health and infrastructure programs.

The existence of the Papua Special Autonomy can be a middle way to strengthen Papuan integration as well as a bridge to pursue peace and build prosperity in the Land of Papua. With this special autonomy, it certainly shows the commitment of the Indonesian government to the development of Papua.

Through Otsus, Papuans are also required to be regional heads based on Article 12 of 21/2001 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua Province, the Governor and Deputy Governor are obliged to be Papuan.

With the special autonomy fund which reaches 94.24 trillion, of course it will provide opportunities for Papuan youths who have the potential and opportunities to get education and skills that are in accordance with the talent fields they are interested in.

Director of Public Policy Institute (PPI) Sujono HS said the youth of Papua and West Papua have the potential to develop the economy in eastern Indonesia. The President's special staff, Billy Mambrasar, agreed with this statement.

The young Papuan entrepreneur said that the education allocation for the Papua Special Autonomy fund could develop the competence of millennials. So they can explore their own abilities.

Special Autonomy is important for the development of Papua and West Papua, with the existence of Otsus volume 2, it is hoped that development acceleration will occur in the easternmost region of Indonesia.

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