Support a Democratic Party that is Safe, Peaceful, Smooth and Healthy from Covid-19

In the Regency / City area, there are "Three Pillars of Village / Kelurahan", consisting of the Village Head / Lurah, Bhayangkara Community Security and Order (Bhabinkamtibmas), and Village Guidance Officer (Babinsa).

It is hoped that these three pillars will work together and develop their village. Let us support the democratic party (regional head elections / Pilkada) properly and with dignity. We have to disseminate it to the community, we must provide guidance to the community, we must provide assistance to the community, and how do we supervise the community so that this activity can run safely, peacefully and smoothly.

The Pangdam hopes that all stakeholders in the Regency / City work hard and have a shared commitment.

"We all have to have the same commitment if we want a democratic party in the region to run safely, peacefully, smoothly, and healthily from the spread of Covid-19," said Major General I Nyoman Cantiasa.

To the KPU and Bawaslu as Pilkada organizers who carry out tasks in the field at both the Regency / City level, it is ordered that professionals carry out their duties according to their mandated responsibilities.

Regarding the series of Pilkada in December 2020 which took place in the midst of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Major General I Nyoman Canti always advised all parties to adhere to and carry out the health protocols established by the Government.

Pangdam XVIII / Kasuari emphasized the task of the TNI, especially the XVIII / Kasuari Kodam in this democratic party, which is to carry out the discipline of Health Protocols in order to realize a safe, peaceful, smooth, and healthy Pilkada from Covid-19.

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