Special Autonomy Can Promote Papua

The Union of Churches in Papua (PGGP) has asked the regional government (pemda) to manage the special autonomy (autonomy) fund wisely. Because the budget from the center has made a big contribution in advancing the Cenderawasih Earth area.

Chairperson III of PGGP, Pastor MPA Mauri said the government must be transparent in managing this funding assistance. The effect, he said, was on public assessments of local government performance.

Funds from this center, he said, must be utilized with full responsibility, and focus on aspects of education, health and regional infrastructure development.

A religious leader in Papua, Pastor Frans Vokames STh, agreed on the need to monitor the allocation and use of development funds in the regions. That way, the huge budget from the central government can really be felt by the local community.

The regional head will later be responsible to God for the use of this special autonomy fund. In addition to the support from residents in guarding the budget, officials must also be entrusted with the trust given.

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