SP Interview Held in September

In 2020, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province will carry out a Population Census (SP) in two methods, namely Online and Interview.

The online method was implemented on 15 February-31 March 2020, but due to the outbreak of the corona virus or Covid-19, the online method SP was extended from 1 April-29 May 2020.

The achievement of SP Online in Papua is only 3.25 percent or 110,180 people whose response is from the total population of Papua of approximately 3 million people. Covering 24,520 families or 2.3 percent of families in Papua Province. Nationally, 51.36 million people have participated in SP Online.

Head of the Papua Province BPS, Adriana Helena Robaha said, based on these conditions, there were still 96.75 percent of the Papuan population who had not been registered in SP Online.

Adriana said that the SP to be carried out this September should use the DOPU (Drop Off Pick Up) method, which is a data collection method where the data collection officer only leaves documents to the respondent and takes them back within a certain agreed time period.

He said that people only need to prepare population documents such as family cards and identity cards (KK and KTP) to collaborate with population data held by the Population and Civil Registry Office.

Previously, the Head of the Social Statistics Division of the Papua Province BPS, Bagas Susilo, said that SP 2020 includes 21 characteristics, one of which is ethnicity. In 2021, as a result of SP 2020 implementation, BPS also calculates population indicators such as maternal mortality, infant mortality and others.

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