Private Elysha Chloe Swimmer Forced to Exercise in the Sea During the Corona Pandemic

Indonesian swimmer Elysha Chloe Pribadi has been forced to train at sea because of the lockdown policy in Australia, the country where he studied, led to the closure of swimming pools.

The sea training was carried out as an attempt by her father, Reza Pribadi, to restore Elysha's physical abilities after a long break.

In order to support the child, Reza was willing to go to sea to accompany Elysha.

“I forced my father to swim in the sea because in Australia there are many sharks. I said that if you have to swim in the sea, you have to go in too, ”said the 15-year-old teenager.

Even practicing in the sea, according to him, is not an easy thing because he often has to swim against the current.

Elysha and her father's hard work paid off. Elysha, who currently sits in the first grade at St Peter Lutheran Colleger, Brisbane, broke three national swimming records at once in one month from August to September.

The three records that Elysha broke were the 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters breaststroke. He recorded these notes when appearing at the 2020 Speedo Short Course Meet and 2020 McDonald’s QLD Short Course Championship which was held at the Brisbane Aquatic Center.

After the breakdown of three records, the Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021 became the next closest target for Elysha. Elysha, who defends the DKI Jakarta Contingent, hopes to donate a medal at the four-year event.

Elysha Chloe Pribadi had previously been named the best swimmer in the age group II (14-15 years) at the 3rd Indonesia Open Aquatic Championship or IOAC 2019 which was held in December last year in Jakarta.

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