Population Census, This is the BPS Explanation for Jayapura City Entering Zone II

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Papua Province conducted the 2020 Population Census (SP2020) offline or interviewed from 1-30 September 2020. BPS Papua deployed 6,500 census officers to conduct field enumeration.

The Head of the Social and Population Statistics Division of the Papua Province BPS, Bagas Susilo, said that SP is held every 10 years. This year's SP is different from the SP implemented in 2010.

Bagas said that interviews by census officers in the field were divided into 3 zone zones. Zone I data collection uses a drop off pick up or DOPU mechanism, meaning that the census officers will distribute questionnaires and will retrieve those that have been filled out independently by the community.

Zone II or Non DOPU, the data collection mechanism is only carried out in the population data inspection stage and the field verification stage without detailed interviews.

So these 28 districts are already good, the questionnaire will later be able to display population data according to the tribe that the Governor has been dreaming of, but for the City of Jayapura this does not enumerate in detail, this is a result of the transformation of the interview into zone II.

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