PON Papua Roller Skate Venue Claimed to be the Largest in Asia

The roller skating sport venue, which is prepared for the XX National Sports Week (PON) celebration in 2021, is claimed to be the largest in Asia. This was conveyed by Technical Delegate (TD) PB Perserosi, Jefri Abel.

Jefri said, the progress of the roller skating venue, which is located in the Waena Campground (Buper) area, Jayapura City, has reached 29 percent.

This roller skating indoor stadium could be the best and the largest first in the Asian continent.

The PON Papua skate venue will later get international certification from the world roller skating federation (FIRS) which was formerly known as World Skate. In fact, this venue will later be worthy of holding a world championship-class tournament.

So that according to him, every break or record of world records at this venue will be recognized by FIRS.

This roller skating venue uses several items imported from abroad, such as paint raw materials from Italy, the timing system from the United States, transponder data on athletes from Singapore, and Philips lamps from the Netherlands.

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