PON Papua athletes will undergo health tests

Papuan athletes who are projected to undergo a centralized training center (TC) XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021 will undergo a medical examination.

Deputy Chairperson of the Papua Provv Training Center II, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Asep Supriyanto said the purpose of the test was to find out earlier the disease or the coronant virus (Covid-19). "Puslatprov will certainly carry out a Rapid Test or swab examination for athletes both in Jayapura and those coming from outside Papua," he told the press in Jayapura.

According to him, in the examination later, if anything was detected, it would be handled immediately. So that it is hoped that athletes who undergo TC are truly ready athletes because athletes who will undergo training under the control of Puslatprov are really fit to face TC.

Asep added, Papuan athletes who are included in the category of main athletes who will be included in the Centralized TC are still waiting for instructions from KONI when they can enter the Athlete's House.

According to Asep, in the near future all athletes will enter the athletes' homestead, however, beforehand there will be a medical examination. "I hope Puslatprov can carry out tests to detect the spread of Covid-19.

Kenius explained, PON XX Papua will compete in 37 sports, so that Koni Papua prepares 1,028 athletes. It's just that, as many as 445 people who are categorized as the main athletes that we will TC are centered at the athletes' homestead.

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