Polri Ready to Secure Simultaneous Regional Election and PON 2020 Papua

The National Police ensures its readiness to secure the 2020 regional elections (pilkada) in 270 regions. The National Police is also ready to secure the 2020 National Sports Week (PON) held in Papua. This readiness was conveyed by the Deputy Chief of Police, Komjen Pol Gatot Eddy Pramono, on the sidelines of the National Police Baharkam Rakernis which was held at Pusdik Porong, Sidoarjo.

The goal is to equalize their perception and vision in facing various potential vulnerabilities in the future to be prepared. Later they will receive input from sources both from outside and inside the Police.

The Rakernis was also attended by the Head of Police Headquarters, Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto, Kadivhumas Inspector General Pol M Iqbal, East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Luki Hermawan, Sidoarjo Police Chief Kombes Pol Sumardji and a number of National Police officials.

The Deputy Chief of Police, Kabaharkam and Main Polri Officials also briefly reviewed the defense equipment that will be used to secure the simultaneous regional elections in East Java.

For the security of PON XX in Papua, continued Gatot, it has also been prepared for a security model and the members to be assigned. For PON in Papua everything has been prepared, security planning, members have also been prepared. Pak Kabaharkam will also prepare each region to be escorted from the respective regional police.

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