Polres Boven Digoel held a city security simulation for Pilkada

The Boven Digoel Police held a city security simulation in order to anticipate the contingency situation of the 2020 Pilkada stages in Boven Digoel Regency, Papua, Saturday afternoon.

The Head of Boven Digoel Police, AKBP Syamsurijal, said the city system simulation was held at Jalan Bhayangkara Tanah Merah which was attended and witnessed by the 1711 / BVD Kodim Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Zeni Daneil Panjaitan, and staff of the 1711 / BVD Kodim and the local Polres.

"This activity begins with a rehearsal led by the Head of Ops Polres Boven Digoel, Police Commissioner Riyanto, in order to anticipate contingent situations in the Boven Digoel Pilkada stages in 2020," he said when contacted from Jayapura.

According to him, the activity carried out was an anticipation of the worst thing if the implementation of the announcement of the verification results at the pilkada phasing there were members of the public who did not accept the results of the KPUD decisions.

Moreover, he said, the announcement stage was near where on September 23, 2020, the results of the verification of the candidates for regent and deputy regent of Boven Digoel would be announced.

Meanwhile, Panjaitan appreciates all the personnel involved in implementing the simulation of security to anticipate contingent situations in the stages of the Boven Digoel Pilkada.

"The simulation anticipates the worst. For colleagues from the Boven Digoel Kodim to pay attention to the handling of the masses that have been carried out so that we don't take the wrong action. All colleagues pay attention to health because the Pilkada is still in the Covid-19 pandemic in Boven Digoel," he said.

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