Physical condition of Muaythai athletes is a concern of South Sumatra KONI

The General Chair of the South Sumatra KONI, H Hendri Zainuddin, visited the physical test of the South Sumatra Muaythai athletes at the Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) Athletic Stadium. This is a preparation for Muaythai to face PON Papua in 2021.

"This is a physical test for Muaythai athletes, we support it. The problem is that there are Muaythai athletes competing in PON. With a measured program, hopefully they can donate a gold medal for the South Sumatra contingent," said Hendri Zainuddin.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Management (Pengprov) Muaythai Indonesia of South Sumatra, Lirman Budianto said, was very focused on fostering athletes. One of the programs is by holding physical tests for athletes.

"This is the first physical test, in three months we will test again to measure the athletes. So that later we can make the right program," explained Lirman.

According to him, Muaythai Sumsel apart from focusing on PON Papua, also has a long-term program. Himself and the ranks of Pengprov Muaythai Sumsel want to know in detail the condition of athletes openly.

"If there is a physical deficiency, it is good to know from now on. This means that it needs improvement, and there is still a long time to go, "he concluded.

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