Papuans are Invited to Succeed in the 2020 Pilkada

Head of Bamuskam Nontrol Abraham Wally invited all components of Papuan society to work together to make the Pilkada success simultaneously which will take place in December 2020.

He emphasized the importance of public participation in the success of the 5-year democratic party by helping to maintain a conducive social and community service situation.

"The democratic party which will be held on 9 December is a momentum to prove that Papua can provide an example and role model in the success of holding regional head elections in this land," he stressed.

Wally also added that in order to make the Pilkada a success, the importance of adhering to the Health Protocol has been echoed by the Government.

Namely by applying 3M and 1T (washing hands, maintaining distance, using masks and not crowding) in the next election stage.

"We are also participating in preventing the spread of covid-19 in Papua," he concluded.

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