Much Otsus Support Continues for Prosperity

The pros and cons of extending Otsus in the midst of Papuan society continue to roll. Not a few people support the special autonomy to continue for the benefit of many people. As was conveyed by the chief advisor of the Indonesian Bible camp church (GKII), Pastor Karel Maniani

According to Pdt Karel, special autonomy (Otsus) is very much needed by the Papuan people. Because development needs to be carried out for the welfare of the Papuan people.

Otsus is important in the development of the Papuan community, especially in areas that are difficult to reach by transportation. Therefore we support the sustainability of special autonomy in Papua

According to him, the rejection by some people was baseless, therefore he asked that there be no more voices asking for Otsus to be stopped so that social conflicts would not arise among the Papuan people.

Groups that are trying to reject Special Autonomy (Otsus) need to provide an explanation which is a definite basis for refusing because in fact most Papuans strongly support Otsus for future developments in Papua.

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