Kempo Seeks Two Golds in Papua

Chairman of Pengprov Perkemi Bali Adi Priyanto targets two medals at PON Papua XX / 2021. The target is quite realistic considering the achievements of Balinese kenshi in the national arena. Namely, maintaining the golden tradition, such as the Kominfo Cup Virtual National Championship came out as the overall champion.

Kempo sports at PON Papua competed for 17 gold. During the 2016 West Java PON, Kempo Bali won one gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Karangasem Perkemi Pengcab, Komang Sutirtayasa hopes that Adi Priyanto will be successful in carrying out the mandate of leading Perkemi Bali. In particular, in holding to the kempo philosophy, namely brotherhood.

During Pre PON, Balinese kempo athletes passed PON in the top three. Because of that, Fredrik Billy believes the ability of the Balinese kenshi to realize medals. According to him, Bali initially passed 11 kempo athletes. However, the quota was reduced to 9 kempo athletes.

"Dominant in first place, that's why I believe in PON Papua will definitely get a gold medal," said Fredrik Billy.

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