Kasuari Kodam Ready to Guard the 2020 West Papua Regional Head Election

The XVIII / Kasuari Kodam Commander, Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa, revealed that his staff are ready to make the 2020 Pilkada Simultaneously successful in the West Papua region.

This was always conveyed at the Coordination Meeting (Rakor) for the Implementation of the 2020 West Papua Regional Election at the West Papua Regional Police Arfak Convention Hall, Maripi, Manokwari, West Papua.

Before describing the role of Kodam XVIII / Kasuari in efforts to discipline health protocols at the 2020 West Papua Regional Election in front of the coordination meeting participants, Cantiasa said that the West Papua region ahead of the 2020 Pilkada Simultaneously was still in a conducive and safe situation and conditions.

According to Cantiasa, the preparatory stages for the 2020 Pilkada Simultaneously during the Covid-19 pandemic were running normally as scheduled by the West Papua KPUD and Bawaslu.

Always revealed, the role of Kodam XVIII / Kasuari includes carrying out assistance operations in accordance with applicable procedures and mechanisms, as well as maintaining and increasing the synergy and solidity of the TNI-Polri at all levels.

Then regarding strategies and recommendations, Cantiasa also stated that as long as the pandemic is still ongoing, the health protocol is a fixed price, so it is hoped that the 2020 Pilkada can be held on December 9 2020, of course, provided that the health protocol must be implemented properly and strictly.

For this reason, Canti always said, the recommendations given were the declaration of a peaceful and safe regional election from Covid-19, restrictions on open campaigns and switching to virtual campaigns, limiting mass gathering and minimizing banners and baleho.

This, according to Cantiasa, must also be followed by the formulation of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the implementation of regional elections during the Covid-19 pandemic, setting up polling stations based on health protocols, namely the availability of a place to wash hands and spray disinfectants, keep your distance and wear a mask. , as well as the need for strict sanctions for violators of health protocols at the 2020 simultaneous regional elections.

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