Kapolres Kaimana Invites the Community to Succeed in the 2020 Pilkada

Kapolres kaimana AKBP Iwan P Manurung invited all elements of society to contribute to the success of the simultaneous regional elections on December 9, 2020

"Success is assessed from the starting stage until the completion of the inauguration of the elected regent and deputy regent," he said

In addition, the Head of Police also thanked Forkopimda and elements of society who helped to maintain security and order in the Kaimana Police jurisdiction.

"I appreciate and express my gratitude to Forkopimd and the community who are still together maintaining the social security situation and have also helped prevent the spread of the virus," he said.

He reminded all members of the Kaimana Police to make this activity a success by increasing their ability to respond to developments and changes in society.

AKBP. Iwan P. Manurung, SIK added, in the near future Kaimana Regency will face a big agenda for the democratic party for the election of the Regent and Deputy Regent which is scheduled for December 9, 2020.

The Police Chief conveyed this when leading the Korp Raport ceremony for the promotion of 18 members of the Kaimana Police on the 74th Anniversary of Bhayangkara.

Reminded, all members are more responsive to the situation and political developments that occur, and build cooperation with related agencies in order to minimize any problems that occur in the community.

"We all know that at this time we are also facing a big agenda, namely the simultaneous 2020 Regional Head Election (Pilkada) democracy party, especially in Kaimana Regency.

Let us succeed in this activity by further increasing our capacity in responding to developments and changes that occur in society. Be responsive to existing political situations and developments, and increase cooperation with related agencies so that we can minimize any problems that occur in the midst of society, "he concluded.

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