Giving Otsus as a Sign of Central Government's Attention to the Papuan People

The granting of special autonomy (Otsus) by the central government had a positive impact on the Papuan people.

A pro attitude towards the sustainability of Otsus was conveyed by the Head of the Koya Tengah Tribe, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Yakobus Menggo.

The Otsus program really helps the small community in starting development towards a peaceful Papua, living in harmony, peace and prosperity, he said.

According to Yakobus, the Papua special autonomy program is a sign of the central government's attention to the progress and welfare of the Papuan people.

In fact, said Yakobus, the government is building various infrastructures starting from roads, bridges and housing, all of which are for the progress of Papua so that other regions in Indonesia will not be left behind.

We together with the Papuan people always support government programs in building infrastructure, education and health throughout the interior of Papua to remain safe and peaceful.

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