Do not be provoked by the issue of rejection of special autonomy

Mayor of Jayapura Dr. Benhur Tomi Mano stated that no citizen should be provoked by the rejection of special autonomy. Especially if their status is ASN, because they are state servants. Of course, it is mandatory to comply with state regulations, one of which is the special autonomy program. If you participate in provoking, then you can get a warning from the Head of the Service.

To overcome the problem of misunderstanding that led to the rejection of special autonomy, it is necessary to conduct socialization. Before the special autonomy program volume 2 begins, residents can be invited to have a heart-to-heart discussion. That in fact the special autonomy was continued for their welfare. Development in Papua will facilitate transportation and facilitate Papuan business.

In addition to direct socialization, it can also be made in cyberspace. Especially through social media. This is intended so that the socialization of special autonomy is more spread out to all Papuan people. Both those who still live on the Earth of Paradise, as well as those on other islands. They will not refuse the special autonomy because they know the advantages of this program.

Extension of special autonomy for the welfare of the Papuan people. So there should be no rejection. Because if the special autonomy stops, there will be no more disbursement of funds from the central government. The special autonomy fund is even planned to be increased to trillions of rupiah. These funds can certainly build Papua to be even more modern.

Let us support special autonomy for Papua volume 2 because this program is proven to advance the land of paradise. With Otsus, Papua has become a modern region and there is no imbalance between eastern and western Indonesia. The Papuan people are proud that the special autonomy results such as the Youtefa bridge are not only useful, but also make their region more beautiful.

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