BPS Papua Deploy 6,500 Population Census Officers

The Central Bureau of Statistics will carry out the 2020 Offline Population Census or conduct interviews from 1-30 September 2020.

Population census data is an important key to form planning in various fields, ranging from food, housing, education, health, transportation and others.

BPS together with 54 other countries conducted the 2020 Population Census, which aims to provide de facto and de jure data on the number, composition, distribution and characteristics of the Indonesian population.

In addition, the second objective of the population census is to provide demographic parameters and other population characteristics for population projection purposes. Thus the SP2020 result data is not only important for planning in the present but also for anticipating what will happen in the future.

For the first time, the 2020 Population Census used a combination method, different from the previous year. The combination is by using Population and Civil Registry data (Dukcapil) from the Ministry of Home Affairs as basic data.

Online population census is also for the first time conducted. However, it is still not optimal due to the lack of education to the community.

However, despite the lack of outreach, 88,000 residents participated in the Online Population Census this year.

Nationally, BPS deployed 190 thousand SP2020 officers, in Papua Province, 6,500 SP2020 officers were deployed to carry out enumeration in the field.

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