BPS Conducts a Night Population Census, This is the Purpose

After the success of the Online Population Census on February 15 to May 29, 2020, BPS conducted further SP through face-to-face interviews and interviews this September.

In this month's continued SP, BPS held a Night Population Census which took place simultaneously throughout Indonesia on Tuesday (15/09/2020) midnight to Wednesday (16/09/2020) in the morning

The Night Census targets residents who do not live permanently.

"Both homeless, homeless people whose workplaces or domiciles move around so they are not registered de facto anywhere, such as ABK who have not returned home for more than a year," said Ateng.

He explained that the Night Census did not recognize many or little results. "In principle, everything is recorded. Everyone has the right to be recorded in the census including the homeless or the insane on the streets," he said.

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