Bintek for Pilkada Organizers

To support the success of the simultaneous regional election stages in the 11 KPU districts of Papua Province taking place on December 9, 2020, technical guidance (bimtek) for nominations was carried out by the Papua General Election Commission.

According to KPU Papua commissioner Adam Arisoy, the candidates for the simultaneous regional elections 2020, for institutional strengthening for the nomination of regional head pairs in 11 Provincial KPU districts ..

He said the implementation of the Bimtek nomination was divided into two parts, including the requirements for nomination and requirements for candidates. Requirements for nomination are in the form of support from political parties and support from individual candidates who meet minimum support and distribution. Meanwhile, the requirements for candidates, according to Adam Arisoy, are in the form of KTP, diploma, requirements for completing tax documents and others.

The aim of this technical guidance is to convey a good nomination system to 11 regency KPU friends so that at the time of registration of regional head candidates it is simultaneously opened 4-6 September 2020 using a good mechanism.

The Bimtek event, according to Adam Arisoy, was held this week at the same time by practicing the procedures for regional head candidates to come, register candidates and assistants from parties and their supporters.

After the pair of candidates are received and verified by the KPU, they are said welcome and taken to the plenary meeting place or meeting place according to the meeting procedures.

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